Monello can ship to most addresses in the United States. Note that there are some restrictions that may apply. Please check out our shipping restrictions below.
Address accuracy
Please double check your address for accuracy when ordering from Monello. An incorrectly entered addresses can delay or prevent shipment.
Delivery time
When you place an order with Monello we will estimate shipping and delivery dates. Note that these dates are approximate and can change based on circumstances beyond our control. Once your package has been picked-up by the carrier you can obtain delivery information directly from them – see Tracking Your Package below.
Shipping costs
Shipping costs will depend on the shipping option that you choose and the weight and dimensions of the item(s) you have purchased. If you purchase multiple items they will be shipped together.
Tracking your package
Using the tracking number provided in your order confirmation e-mail you can check the status of your delivery with the carrier. Please see our shipping restrictions below for more information.
Shipping restrictions
Monello will not accept product or product part orders being shipped to 
P.O. boxes
Monello can not ship to a U.S. Postal Service post office box. Please provide an actual street address.
Commercial mail boxes
Monello cannot ship to a commercial mail box similar to a Mail Boxes Etc®. Please provide an actual street address.
Undeliverable packages
When the carrier returns these undeliverable packages to us we issue a full refund excluding shipping charges. Please allow 30 days for refund to your credit card account.
These undeliverable packages will not be reshipped. A new order must be placed for the item. Please review our Address Accuracy tips above before placing another order.
Why was my package not deliverable?
The decision to label a shipment as undeliverable is made by the carrier usually for one of the following reasons:
Incorrect address
If an address is incorrect or incomplete the package will be returned by the carrier. Please be careful when entering your address and proof read it for any mistakes before submitting your order.