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Much faster than walking

Kick scooters are roughly 3x as fast as walking. You can pedal a kick scooter at a leisurely pace going 9mph, compared to average walking speed of 2.5–3mph.

Smaller, lighter, and more portable than a Bicycle

In urban environments with public transportation, a kick scooter is much easier to bring on to and off of buses, taxis, trains. They’re also more nimble at low speeds compared to a bike, so navigating around pedestrians is quite a bit easier.

Because it has much smaller dimensions than a bicycle, you can easily bring a kick scooter into a cafe or casual restaurant. Most kick scooters also fold into a more compact size to get it out of the way.

Since it’s easier to bring in kick scooters, the risk of theft is much lower than a bicycle that you have to lock up outdoors. Bike thieves generally wouldn’t bother trying to steal a kick scooter anyway.

On average a kick scooter is ~9–13 pounds vs 15–30lbs for a bicycle.

Much easier and safer to use than a skateboard

Kick scooters are very intuitive to use and almost anyone can pick one up and immediately start using it. You also have a handlebar which makes it easier to keep the scooter under you, and a rear brake to slow down (some kick scooters have a brake on the handlebar). In contrast skateboarding is a much more athletically demanding activity that requires a lot of practice to build up enough skill to navigate down hills and crowds. Skateboards also (for the most part) lack brakes and no handlebars means its much easier to have a skateboard fly out from under you. On flat terrain a kick scooter is about as fast as a skateboard.